The world's first robot photopgrapher.


The world’s first robot photographer.
Make your event unforgettable.
Everyone loves a photobooth and Selfiebot takes this experience to the next level.
Roaming amongst the crowd, Selfiebot will surprise and delight and with fully customisable speech, you can interact with guests using your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Selfiebot can print photo’s instantly or send them to guests via sms or
email which encourages social sharing. This will give you an effective
data capture tool for re-targeting and guest follow ups.

Selfiebot can be further customised with branded photo overlays, animated GIF’s and ‘on -bot’ branding.
Why does it work?
The reaction at our first events has been fantastic. The participation and engagement is extremely high for a number of possible reasons, people love to have a momento or recording of being at an event.

Most people are aware of robots but get very little opportunities to interact with one – we have seen first hand he
thrill and memories it gives the articipants.
Why Selfiebot resonates with your guests.
Traditional photo booths are extremely popular but have
not evolved.The reaction to Selfiebot is incredible.

People rarely get the opportunity to interact with robots so participation and engagement is extremely high. As well as creating a memorable and newsworthy experience, your guests will love having a memento to take away from your event.
Where can Selfiebot be used?
Selfiebot is a captivating addition to any event. She runs
freely on most smooth surfaces including astroturf but
she’s not weatherproof so can’t be used outdoors when it
is raining or on grass.

She will travel to your event in a customised flight case
and can be bumped in and out is less than 30 minutes.
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